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Ohsawa Takuya was born in Nagano, only 2-hour train ride from Tokyo.

He went to Tokyo and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

After finishing his studies, he moved back to his hometown, Matsumoto.


The instant noodle lover boy is currently studying Indonesian and

the outcome can be seen by quirky usernames on all of his social media platforms (Twitter: @aku_orang_apa, Instagram: @oke_jadi). 


Over the course, he has accumulated over than 400K followers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. His videos are mostly based on unique experiments

and trying Indonesian delicacies. He is now displaying the life of Japanese

on his other Instagram account (@seharian_oke_jadi). 

Takuya's Portfolio

Full name: Takuya Ohsawa (大澤拓也) 

Nickname: Takuya, Oke Jadi

DOB: Matsumoto, October 12th 1995

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 175 cm

Zodiac: Libra


  • Matsushō Gakuen High School

  • Takushoku University

Religion: -

Trivia: Loves the personality of Indonesians

and Indonesian cuisines.

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