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Born in Jakarta in the year 2001 with the name of William Hidajat Permadi,

he opted on using his baptismal name for public knowledge.

Thus, the Chinese and Japanese descent is known as Lukas Will instead.

After learning Japanese for some time in Osaka, he proceeded on

registering at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences Kobe.


Now a freshman, the TikTok star captured the hearts of many by making

prank videos to Japanese and expatriates living in Japan with Javanese.

The 15-second video alone recorded 13.5M views on TikTok.

He is also seen to be working out a lot and works part-time to suffice himself.


With a total of almost 1M followers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube,

Lukas is determined on generating more content that is able

to express his daily life as a university student in Japan.

Lukas's Portfolio

Full name:  William Hidajat Permadi

Nickname: Lukas

DOB: Jakarta, March 8th 2001

Nationality: Indonesian

Height: 167 cm

Zodiac: Pisces


  • University of Marketing and
    Distribution Sciences Kobe
    (Business Administration)

Religion: Catholic

Trivia: Chinese and Japanese descendant TikToker who uses Javanese accent

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